The company


Rumjungle Italia has arisen from an idea of mine and my brother and sister, Elia and Martina, thanks to a strong passion that

has always linked us to the world of fashion. We grew up in the sector of retail, following in the footsteps of our parents, who made us breath,

live and touch the world of clothing letting our enthusiasm and our desire of building our own path in the fashion world grow day by day.

Thousands of ideas, new paths to discover and a passionate will to put ourselves to the test pushed us to create a project

that would really represent usand that would actually be ours, a proper challenge considering our young age and our big expectations

that crashed on a period of economic difficulty in our country. 

We arose in the crisis, that´s true, but for us nothing is impossible, now as well as then.

We invested all we had at our disposal, we created a young team with which we could share the same passion

and we started by counting only on our courage and will to prove that, in spite of everything, this was possible.

So, during summer 2007 our brand, Rumjungle Italia, was officially founded.

We have always been extremely motivated and, thanks to some recklessness, we jumped in the market

and made our first achievements: the company registered an increase of incomes of about 60% for each year,

jumping from an initial sales volume of 500.000€ to one of more than 3 million in a few seasons.

When you are young and your motivation´s level is high, you can count on a fair dose of courage

and boldness that allows not only to reach your own aims, but even to go beyond them.

This is the philosophy that ties our team, with which we share everyday joys and satisfactions.


Mattia Giansante



The brand


Rumjungle Italia was born with the aim of creating a clothing brand that expresses young attitudes

and that reflects and identifies us, with an eye always attentive to details and to the tendencies of street fashion.

 The beating heart of the company finds place in the styling office, where the ideas are born

and the collections take shape. In fact, this is where our team fully realises men/women collections

strongly inspired by the metropolitan style, which are able to combine sharp vintage styles with urban trending inspirations.

Our cornerstone is offering a high-quality product at affordable prices. For this reason, in a few years,

RumJungle Italia has become a concrete entity on a national level, counting nowadays at about 400 retailers in selected stores.

We participated for the forth time to Pitti Immagine Uomo, an important goal for us which fills us up with pride

and which rewarded our efforts. Nonetheless we have other goals to achieve: besides exporting our style to Europe,

USA and Russia, we have recently opened our online shop (www.rumjungle.it) and we launched our first two mono-brand stores in Rome,

one inside the Tiburtino Shopping Centre and the other one in the Fashion District Outlet of Valmontone.

Another big achievement we accomplished is the fact that we brought back the 10% of the production to Italy.

Nowadays, despite the crisis in the sector, we are working to open a third store which will be followed by other 3 by the end of 2015.


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