Hereinafter, we illustrate how to access and use the e-commerce www.rumjungle.it ("Website"). The activities described above, as well as the purchase of products on www.rumjungle.it, presuppose the understanding and acceptance of the following "Terms of use".

In the areas of "Help - Popular Questions", "Returns & Exchanges", "Payments" and "Shipping" the user will find information about how to place orders and returns of products purchased on our online shop, the shipping methods available and how to obtain refunds when returning goods purchased, about the registration form as well as tips and general information about the services of which will benefit by consulting the website.

Customer Service will be available via the "Contact Us" page, in case the user do not find exhaustive explanation to some questions.

RUM JUNGLE LAS VEGAS Srl reserves the right to update or modify, in whole or in part, these Terms of Use. Any adjustments will be effective immediately upon posting in this section of the site. We therefore ask the user to access consistently in this area to check for updates, and in the case of non-concordance with the following we ask to not use the website.

Access and use of the website, as well as the display of web pages, communication with RUM JUNGLE LAS VEGAS Srl and the possibility to download product information or to buy them, are activities carried out by our users and are strictly personal and unrelated to any trade, business and / or professional. The user will then be personally responsible for his use of the website and its contents. RUM JUNGLE LAS VEGAS Srl in fact, can not be held responsible for improper use of the website and its contents with respect to the laws in force by each of its members, except for the liability for willful misconduct and gross negligence. The user will also be the one and only responsible for the communication of information of data incorrect or untrue, relating to third persons who have not given their consent in this regard, and in view of incorrect use of the same.

Finally, since the material will be downloaded and obtained through the use of the website at his own risk, all responsibility for any damage to computer systems or loss of data resulting from downloading made by the user can not be charged to the RUM JUNGLE LAS VEGAS Srl, which accepts no responsibility for any damage resulting inaccessibility to services on the website or from damage caused by viruses, corrupted files, errors, omissions, interruptions, deletions of content, problems connected to the network, providers or telephone and / or data transmission, unauthorized access to, alteration of data, failure and / or malfunction of electronic equipment user.

We also invite the user to carefully read the Privacy statement document, which outlines the procedures for collection and use of personal data of users who consult and use our website.


Trademarks, trade names and intellectual property rights

All trademarks and distinctive signs that distinguish the products of web site are trademarks of their respective owners and are used within these pages, with the aim to identify, describe and promote the products on sale. The use of trademarks is reserved exclusively to RUM JUNGLE LAS VEGAS Srl and to the holders of the respective, where different from RUM JUNGLE LAS VEGAS Srl. Is expressly forbidden the use of logos or other distinctive features to take advantage of their reputation or to cause damage to themselves and their owners. All contents of the website, such as logos, icons and graphics in its entirety, text, photographs and video as well as the software and processes (the "Content"), are owned and / or licensed from RUM JUNGLE LAS VEGAS Srl and are protected by copyright and any other intellectual property right. Is therefore prohibited, in any part, in any measure, the reproduction of the content of the website without the express permission in writing from RUM JUNGLE LAS VEGAS Srl or, in specific cases, the authors of the individual works contained in the inside. Specifically, with regard to the use of the website, users will only be authorized to view web pages and their contents. The acts of temporary reproduction, those with no independent economic significance, considered transient or incidental, as integral and essential part of the display of the website and its contents and all other operations of navigation on the website that are performed only for use legitimate are authorized. These operations must be carried out for lawful purposes and in accordance with the copyright and other intellectual property rights of the manager and the authors of the works contained therein.

Links to and from other websites

The web site could accommodate hyperlinks ("links") to other websites, which are not in any way connected with our site and therefore are not governed by the following Terms of Use and the rules on the processing of personal data. The Manager does not control these websites nor their content and can not therefore be responsible for them. Activation of Links to other web sites, is made exclusively to help the users in searching, navigating and linking to other web sites on the internet.

In case there was interest from third parties to enable links that will bring to the home page of the website and / or other publicly accessible web pages of the same, please address requests to RUM JUNGLE LAS VEGAS Srl, via the "Contact us "in order to activate the procedure for granting consent to the hyperlink. Activation is approved by us, without any request for compensation and without any guarantee of exclusivity. RUM JUNGLE LAS VEGAS Srl has the right to object to certain direct links to their website in case the applicant has implemented, or is deemed to be implemented in the future, unfair trade practices or otherwise do not conform to the customs of the sector as such actions for unfair competition or derogatory to RUM JUNGLE LAS VEGAS Srl, the website or the services offered on it. It 'still forbidden to activate deep hypertext links, such as deep frames or deep links to the website and do not consent then, in any way, the use of meta-tags without the consent of RUM JUNGLE LAS VEGAS Srl.


Disclaimers on Content

RUM JUNGLE LAS VEGAS Srl has made all efforts to ensure that the material published on the website avoid to refer, describe or depict acts of physical or psychological violence or that may offend the sensibilities of the users who visit the website, thereby adversely affecting civil beliefs, rights and human dignity, in all its forms and expressions. There is no guarantee, however, that the content of the website for countries outside of Italy, might be deemed lawful, legal and / or appropriate. In the event that the material contained on our website does not comply with the above conditions for the country of residence, we ask our users not to browse through our web pages or in case you decide to access any case, note that the 'use of the website and the services provided through it will be exclusive and personal responsibility. RUM JUNGLE LAS VEGAS Srl implements every precaution to ensure its users that the contents of the website are accurate and contain information that is correct and up to date at the time of publication, as far as possible thereafter. However it is not expected to be taking to the user for any liability whatsoever for the accuracy or completeness of the content published on the Website, unless otherwise permitted by intent or gross negligence or as otherwise provided for in any case the law. On our website are implemented technical and organizational measures to safeguard the security of the services offered, the integrity of traffic data and electronic communications in the forms of use or knowledge is not allowed and to prevent risks of dissemination, destruction or loss data and information confidential and will not, regarding users, available on our website, or unauthorized access or not in accordance with the law, the data and information itself.


Maintenance and service interruption

The continuity of operation of the website in not always guaranteed, whether due to interruptions, errors or malfunctions due to internet connection. Although, however, RUM JUNGLE LAS VEGAS Srl will make sure to do everything possible to maintain continuous access to the website, the dynamism of the internet may not allow the website to operate without the absence of any interruption or suspension or with discontinuities due to updates or maintenance required. In case of problems using the website, please contact our Customer Service team via the "Contact Us" section, where we will provide assistance and help to restore the functionality of access to the site, if that were possible.


Trade Policy

The commercial policy of RUM JUNGLE LAS VEGAS Srl and then its ultimate purpose consist of the sale of goods or supply of services through the website only to the "final consumer", meaning therefore a natural person or legal entity acting on the site for the purpose that does not include resale. We therefore ask those who are not covered by this definition not to use these channels to purchase our products, and we reserve the right to cancel purchase orders originating from them or that do not comply with our Terms and Conditions of Sale.


Applicable Law and Disputes resolution

If disputes were born on the following Terms and Conditions between RUM JUNGLE LAS VEGAS Srl and its users, the judicial authority identified in accordance with art. 63 of Legislative Decree 206/05 will be Rome .


Inclusion of contents

Following we illustrate the guidelines for content deemed appropriate for posting on www.rumjungle.it. The following information are basic rules for participation in www.rumjungle.it. We reserve the right occasionally to modify and update records from these pages, which is why we ask you to read carefully the contents before you post reviews or comments on the website.

The space dedicated to users is available to exchange tips and leave reviews about the products. It should not be used unless authorized in writing by www.rumjungle.it, for commercial purposes, whether they are promotions for goods or services, market surveys or chain messages. We ask users to tell us, through the dedicated channels, any of the content may be considered inappropriate or not in line with what is described in this paper, trying not to abuse the "Contact Us" above to submit reports not related and / or slanderous


Registration and personal data

To each user is allowed only one registration. The information on the profile, as well as the registration data must be updated. Users need to use an active email address, to get the verification email to complete the registration, or because RUM JUNGLE LAS VEGAS Srl could have the necessity to contact its users. The liability of the account is personal and therefore we ask you to not disclose your access data. In case of suspected use by outsiders of your account, we ask our users to promptly advise us so that we can take action to resolve the situation. The personal information provided during the registration website will be treated in accordance with our Privacy Policy. We encourage users to take a look before to sign up.


Privacy, confidentiality and respect

The privacy of our users is important: it is not allowed to publish confidential information of other users such as phone numbers and / or addresses, or otherwise any data which could be used to contact other users. The account to access the web site is personal. In no way is it permitted to use an account that is not your own, pretending the other users or staff members RUM JUNGLE LAS VEGAS Srl. Before you post content, you should ensure that you have the necessary permissions to proceed with the spread of the same. The information and content on the site, once published, will be visible to everyone. It will then be appropriate to reflect on what you want to share.



The website can be visited by people from different countries and cultures before posting any comment ask you to check the relevance and language, moderating in the case are too strong or clarifying what may be doubt or be misunderstood. Respect and common sense are the basis of every interaction that will take place on www.rumjungle.it. Will absolutely not be tolerated insults to other users and / or the controversy over the removal or moderation of comments posted. For any questions or concerns that you do not find the answer, in case you wish to remove comments already entered or you wish to report violations on the following regulation, we encourage you to submit your application to our shop @ Rumjungle. en.

In general it will be deleted everything that will be considered offensive, defamatory, threatening, false advertising, deceptive, discriminatory, blasphemous, indecent, lewd, racist or sexual in nature, and any reference to the privacy of other users, which can then be interpreted as a violation of the privacy of third parties. It is forbidden to publish material that might be of concern, anxiety or apprehension in others, or that incites violence or racial or religious discrimination. It also adds the prohibition of spreading through our pages content that is considered: Violation of intellectual property rights, whether they are copyrights or trademarks; Advertising for specific products and / or services, such as links that redirect to other sites and / or web pages; Misleading and / or which allow the user to pass himself off as another person; Harmful for any legal proceedings in the course of which the user is aware; Technically harmful such as computer viruses, Trojan horses, worms, etc. etc. ; Breach of the conditions of use, the terms and conditions of sale, privacy policy and / or any other instructions.

In no way is allowed to circumvent the protection measures and / or safety we have established for the preservation and operation of the site, as it is expressly forbidden to re-enter the content that had been previously inserted and removed from the site.

RUM JUNGLE LAS VEGAS Srl reserves the right to verify and, consequently, publish, edit or remove, in whole or in part, in all material and information posted by users. By posting material on the website, the user agrees to provide RUM JUNGLE LAS VEGAS Srl licensed exempt from payment of duties, irrevocable, non-exclusive world-wide. It also claims to be in possession of the power to be able to grant a RUM JUNGLE LAS VEGAS Srl such license. With this license, RUM JUNGLE LAS VEGAS Srl acquires the ability to modify, adapt, use, copy, publish, translate, get ideas and inspirations, communicate and distribute through any form and means of communication, the materials submitted by the user.

Always respecting the extent permitted by law, you waive any moral rights in relation to the material submitted. This means, for example, that RUM JUNGLE LAS VEGAS Srl will continue to publish content to its users, or part of them, even in the case where the user had changed his mind, or even after the cancellation of his entry to the site. RUM JUNGLE LAS VEGAS Srl may remove content posted by users even if they are not in violation with the instructions or with the terms and conditions described in these pages.


Removal of content and account suspension

If the content posted by users are deemed to be in conflict with or in violation of the regulations or the conditions described in these pages, RUM JUNGLE LAS VEGAS Srl will remove them. The removal of the contents will be complete: even if only one sentence in the comments will be considered in bad taste, it will be totally eliminated. Similarly, RUM JUNGLE LAS VEGAS Srl will remove an entire speech or a profile, even if only one aspect is inappropriate. The reasons for removal may be varied: usually it is a violation of these regulations, or because it is alerted about. In some cases it may be appropriate to delete a comment because it is connected to other content that you need to delete. We are confident that our users understand that if there is submitted a proper signaling, we may have to remove a comment for legal reasons, of whatever nature. In case of the removal of a content, we can notify you if your account has been suspended or banned. In any case, following the removal of a content, it is forbidden reintegration of the same. The suspension of an account can be done for various reasons, in general we reserve this right in the event that they are expressly and repeatedly violated the terms and conditions and instructions contained in the publication of this document and / or in the event of grave lack of respect to the community, and other users of rUM JUNGLE LAS VEGAS Srl and its collaborators. The duration of the suspension will be due to the circumstances that led to this decision by RUM JUNGLE LAS VEGAS Srl, and in general will be applied in extreme cases or assiduous reiterations. In the case of suspension is strictly forbidden to fill out a new registration, as well as the use of accounts of other people to publish content without the permission of RUM JUNGLE LAS VEGAS Srl.

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